We Facilitate Free Online Learning For Ukrainian Children

At ToBeInStyle, we believe in finding new ways to give back, which is why we started the Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation. It is our immense honor and with great excitement to be offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both students and teachers from around the world to connect through this life-changing cause.

Our goal is to reach children in Ukraine with the educational tools they need during this difficult time. The Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation is providing a wide range of support. With more than 100 subjects to choose from, students speaking both Ukrainian and Russian will be able to continue their education. We are providing resources such as talking clubs, school supplies, foreign language learning, crafts, computer science classes, as well as drawing, singing, and dancing lessons.

We want to welcome parents to explore our offerings, and register their child for the individual classes that interest their young person. We also invite teachers, schools, and educational programs from around the world to take part in this movement by signing up to donate one hour per week to studying with students in need individually or in a group.

Thank you for your interest in this chance to give back to kids who need extra support as their lives have been altered forever. Your participation is very much appreciated! Be sure to follow along on our Facebook page for more updates and information to take part in our mission.

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We Support Educators From Ukraine

Are you in need of a teacher for distance learning? Hire one of the many, qualified individuals currently facing unemployment from Ukraine! At Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation, we have gathered information from talented and highly skilled teachers who have been left without a job during this time of war in their home country.

Our database has a long list of qualified specialists who are available from all time zones. As our list of educators grows, you can find the right fit to help guide your student, while also providing a steady income to those in desperate situations beyond their control. 

Parents will work directly with the teacher to establish schedules, and it is highly recommended that you agree upon long-term lesson plans with the teacher you select. As a way to show our support, Tobeinstyle will donate 2 additional lessons to the teacher as a gift for 10 lessons purchased by a parent. That means for each new student who purchases 10 lessons at $10 each, the teacher will earn a total of $120 and the student will receive 12 lessons. 

For more information on signing up and regular updates on our mission, please follow our Foundation’s Facebook page!

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International Kids Creativity Competition

Children are the key to a bright future, and what better way to encourage that than by celebrating their talents and successes? After much deliberation, we have made the difficult choice of selecting the winner of our International Kids Creativity Competition. While this was not an easy decision by any means, we are incredibly grateful to each child, parent and teacher for taking the time to show their support in this unique way.

This competition was held in two stages; the first stage was open to anyone under 18-years-old who wanted to submit up to 3 pieces. These ranged from drawings, to paintings, sculptures, and any other artistic expression. The second stage involved narrowing down the submissions to the top artists, followed by the overall winners.

The top 2 artists selected for this year’s International Kids Creativity Competition, who will receive a $100 cash prize each, are Khitun Roman and Anastasia Medentseva! Congratulations to all of the participants and thank you for your continued support! Be sure to follow along on the Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation Facebook page for upcoming events and news of our mission.

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We Have Donated 5000+ KN95 Masks

The Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation is thrilled to be lending a hand to fellow organizations that are making a positive impact in the lives of others.

We are happy to announce a donation of more than 5,000 KN95 masks to a number of schools, cultural centers, and other non-profit organizations in the USA assisting those who speak Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Mandarin Chinese who are in need of community.

These groups are doing amazing work, by providing the space and support necessary for families to maintain a connection to their culture, traditions, and language of their native countries. We are thrilled to be able to assist these groups, such as The Russian School of Orange County, The Russian School of Austin, Russian School Sputnik, Russian School Online, Austin Russian Academy, Ridna Shkola Los Angeles, StudentSphere, Field Elementary PTA, Mama Goose School, SK Taekwondo, Franco Lung Wing Chun, and YG Dance Studio.

Each of these groups provides in-person opportunities for individuals and families. These phenomenal groups are directly lifting up people who are seeking a community for themselves and their loved ones. We are honored to play a part in that incredible mission.

You can learn more on our Tobeinstyle Online-Learning Support Foundation FaceBook page, as well as our Facebook group.

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Teachers Recognition Initiative

As we continue to find new ways to support the education of young people around the world, we also need to focus on those who dedicate their lives to children. Our Teacher Recognition Initiative is a way for ToBeInStyle to acknowledge the dedication educators put into their noble work. This is our second time holding this online event, and we love to see what profound work is being done!

Teachers of all ages, educational backgrounds, and experiences were invited to participate in this friendly competition. Each participant of this Initiative was asked to supply a description of themselves, what subjects they teach, links to resume material, and recommendations from others, along with sharing their personal views on different teaching methods and what they contribute to the field of distance learning.

We are so excited to be sharing the winner: Galina Topol! Galina won after an astounding 300 votes. The support she has received from family, friends and students has been truly heartwarming to behold. We are thrilled to be honoring such an impactful teacher with a $200 cash prize.

We want to thank everyone who participated and welcome all educators to join our community of teachers and parents through our Facebook group. Here you can learn more about opportunities to help others through the ToBeInStyle Online-Learning Support Foundation, as well as upcoming initiatives to take part in!

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