ToBeInStyle Women's Pack of 6 Seamless Stretchy Wire-Free Padded Sports Bra

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A lot of us live active lifestyles, and so we need to dress accordingly, especially down to the basics. This bra is extremely versatile - perfect as a sports bra or for everyday wear. The shoulder straps are adjustable for an even better fit, while the support paddings are easily removed or simply slide back in when more uplift and support is needed. It also features a nice gathered center design for a better fit and look and great stretchy elastic material that stretches 4 ways and provides superb elasticity.

  • Imported
  • Elastic closure
  • Spaghetti elastic shoulder straps may be adjusted as desired to ensure the best fit.
  • One Size fits S/M/L. Measurements - Length: 7.5in, Width Unstretched: 23in, Width Fully Stretched: 41in.
  • Each pack contains 6 bras with the following colors in Beige, Black, Fuchsia, Gray, White and Turquoise