ToBeInStyle Women's Pack of 6 Polka Dot Style Underwear with Lace Trim

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Your wardrobe is made up of more than the pieces everyone sees--there's also the stuff that no one sees underneath. We don't like to talk much about our underwear--perhaps that's why we call them our unmentionables! But it's worth talking about, because if you're not wearing the right underwear, it really can ruin your whole look! This Polka Dot Underwear with Lace Trim is a great everyday option that will keep you comfy all day long, while also having a fun design that makes you feel pretty cute! The adorable polka dot pattern and delicate lace trim is both sweet and a bit sexy, giving you that extra confidence to pull off just about any style!

  • 95% cotton
  • Elastic closure
  • Includes 6 pairs
  • Available in sizes S-XL
  • A pack of 6 includes Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, and Gray