ToBeInStyle Women's 3 Pairs of Self Adhesive Invisible Push-Up Bra

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This self adhesive bra is virtually invisible under even the skimpiest styles. This bra is perfect to provide subtle support and lift and to prevent nipple show-through. This is the perfect bra for backless, strapless and low-cut style shirts and dresses. Easy to apply and remove. Their micro-porous, disposable, ultra thin, pliable, self supportable and comfortable enough for all day wear. Provides support and uplift and you can place the bra to provide as much uplift as you'd like. The exclusive lace-like material breathes and molds to your individual shape.

  • Beige invisible color to perfectly match any skin tone.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Comes with 3 Pairs of Self Adhesive Bras.